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September 23, 2021


Email Newsletters are a beneficial component of your business marketing strategy. They are an easy way to keep your tribe hip to upcoming sales, new product launches, and any new changes occurring in your business. Your newsletter is a great way to engage with your tribe on a consistent basis. Provide them all the tips and tricks you can’t fit on your IG post. Provide them with exclusive offers and signups. 

Writing your own email newsletter can be a daunting task and if you are like so many other business owners this is why you are not consistent with sending your email newsletters out ????. Letting the fear or the dislike of writing them could be preventing you from growing and scaling your business. Email newsletters offer many benefits.

I will be honest, I don’t like writing my own newsletters either, shh! But I love writing them for my clients. Writing for others brings out my creative spark. My clients are in different niches and the ability to be able to bring to life an aspect of their business that allows me to connect them with their email audience makes me excited. While email newsletters don’t need to be long (see tip 3 below) they do need to have a clear concise point and click-to-action. You need to know your purpose before you begin writing and constructing your newsletter.

While this tip is not included below it is very important to remember to be HUMAN. People want to feel a connection with you. They want to feel like you are only speaking to them even if your list has hundreds or even thousands of other people. Also, people don’t want to be just “sold” to, even if your goal is to make a sale from the email! You need to provide value along with your sales copy. This is why I emphasize our service goal is to engage, educate and delight the audience. This allows for a connection to be built and sales come naturally.

6 Tips to Write the Best Email Newsletters

Your Subject Line Matters

This is what usually prompts folks to open your newsletter.

It should be short and enticing

Think “clickbait”


Fonts, colors, and overall look and feel are important.

Use a cohesive look, consistently.

Your emails should resemble your branding.

Short is Best

People’s attention spans are short.

They are more likely to scan your newsletter so keep it cute and short.


Want to avoid people from just scanning your newsletter? Then it needs to be enjoyable.

People should look forward to your newsletter even if they are not going to take action (they are not going to every email, but the goal is still for them to read it!)

Include graphics: videos, gifs, emojis, pictures

Know Your Audience

In order to write an engaging email, you need to know whom you are speaking to.

Focus on ONE person (your ideal client/customer). Your newsletter needs to be written in a tone and use wording that resonates with them. Mix it up.

You can be a sophisticated ratchet businesswoman in your emails

Always include a CTA

CTAs do not always have to lead to someone buying something or scheduling an appointment.

It could be as simple as leading them to follow you on your IG account or subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Just make it clear what action you want them to take.

Yet if after reading this and you still don’t want to write your own newsletters then it may be time to hire a pro to do it for you. Sonay and Co. offers monthly and weekly email newsletter packages as well as one-time email sequence packages. Let us write your emails for you and you get back to do the things you love!

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