Email Marketing Newsletters: How to Get Started

May 31, 2022


email marketing newsletters

It’s always a great time to go all-in with your email marketing strategy. With the inconsistencies across all social media platforms, email marketing remains the most consistent and cost-effective way to market your business. Whether you are a long-established business or just starting out email marketing is the best way to make consistent sales and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Your email marketing strategy should be a combination of email campaigns (one-time emails, your newsletters) and funnels (sequence of emails triggered by an action i.e. your welcome series). I look at email funnels as the best way to make money on automation, but email campaigns are the best way to make continual income. Email newsletters nurture your audience on a continual basis. They also keep you front in mind of your audience because they get to hear from you as frequently as you like.

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to market your business and actually make money. It is also time-efficient; create your content and just schedule it to be sent! The best part about your email list is: IT’S YOURS!

Don’t like your current email service provider? Fine change it and take your list with you.

Fell off with consistently emailing your list? It happens, but guess what they will still be there once you get back on top of it.

And the people who join your list, well they actually want to be there. They are interested in what you offer whether it’s your services, products, or your great lead magnet. (Are you in need of lead magnet creation? Great, book a call with me today and we can do it for you!)

What’s in a great email marketing campaign?

Know who your audience is

First, off you need to know who you are writing to. “Duh, my email list”

You can’t target hundreds or thousands of people in one email. You must write to one specific person. That one person is who you are writing your message. This is known as your buyer persona. If you don’t know who this is or have never taken the time to actually create your ideal client/customer then I strongly urge you to do so.

This will make writing your email marketing campaigns and funnels easier and it will make your messaging clearer.

Need a guide on how to create your own buyer persona/ideal client? I have created an easy-to-understand buyer persona guide to help ya out and get you started! It’s completely free and included in our The Ultimate Guide to Generate Leads Using Pinterest & Grow List Email List!

What’s in it for me?

Now that you have who your ideal client is, what are their pain points, and where do your services/products help to solve the problem?

Your services and/or products are a solution to someone’s problem, or at least that’s what they should be. In order to effectively craft your campaigns, this should remain at the forefront of your writing.

It is easy to play on your audience’s problems and tell them how what you offer benefits them! Your audience is not reading your emails to know why you are really great at doing XYZ they want to know what’s in it for them! How will your services/products benefit their lives? How do they make things easier and why it is really needed?

Know the right time

When you know who you are targeting, you will have a better understanding of when and how often to email your audience.

If you run a parenting blog and your audience is moms with two under two the last thing they will have time for is five emails a week! They just don’t have that kind of time to invest in your content. They need quick and fast, simple.

Remember this when you decide how frequently you will send out your campaigns as well as what time a day. There are certain days and times of the day that have been “proven” to be the most efficient, but that does not mean those will the best for your audience.

Never be afraid to test the waters. If you are not receiving the response you hope for from your campaigns change the day of the week you send them out. Change how many marketing emails you send in a week, a month. Is your audience probably busier in the morning than in the evening? Or are they more like mid-day pick-me-up readers? Think about this and act accordingly.

Know your content pillars

Content pillars are usually discussed when talking about creating social media campaigns, but they can also come in handy when creating content for your email marketing campaigns. Knowing the topics that resonate best with your audience will allow you to more easily come up with topics to write about in your emails.

Are you only going to talk about your services? Your products? Do you want to educate your list? How about inspirational content?

Who is actually on your list

Do you know who is actually on your email list? Not know them personally, but is your list compiled of prospects customers, or previous customers, or is it a combination of both? Knowing who is on your list will actually help you better understand what kind of content you should actually be sending to them!

The best way to do this is to segment or group your subscribers. Create tags for your different landing pages so you know where the people are coming from and where they are in your sales funnel. You can then even send out different campaigns to the different groups basing the content on their specific interest. Doing this will help increase your campaign engagement, likely resulting in more sales, booked consultations, or whatever your overall goal is.

Have a clear call-to-action, CTAs

Before you even write your email, know exactly what your end goal for your audience to do. What action are you wanting them to take? Is it to purchase a specific product, course, or book a sales call with you?

Knowing what your end goal is will make it so much easier to write your content. Your CTA should be clear and concise. Your readers should not be confused about what you are asking them to do.

Always include a CTA! It can be as simple as just asking them to follow your Pinterest account. “Hey Girl! Make sure you follow me on Pinterest

Final Thoughts: Email Marketing Newsletters Wrap Up

Email marketing campaigns do not have to be pretty. Honestly the more images you include the more you impact the deliverability of your emails.

Emails do not need to be lengthy. People have short attention spans, they are more likely to scan your emails.

Consistency matters. When people are used to expecting your emails and if your content is engaging they look forward to them.

Use your vernacular. If you don’t speak the King’s English don’t write your emails with it either. They should actually sound like you; a person actually wrote them. People are usually attracted to your business/brand because of YOU, so be yourself.

Lastly, never be afraid to outsource! If writing email campaigns are just not your thing. If you already know you are not going to be consistent then I dare you to hire an expert. Sonay & Co. looks forward to being added to your marketing team.


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