the power of consistency

June 7, 2021


Having the right mindset is the key to get your foot in the door. Without having the mindset that you can do anything and that it is possible for you, you will remain stuck. There is only one that is as important as having the right mindset. Your mindset is what will determine if you will make it or not. Truthfully it does not matter if you are the most talented or not. If you lack CONSISTENCY, you will not be successful.

Build Trust by Being Consistent with Your Marketing

Consistency is a key element in your business success story. Of course, there are other important factors, but consistency is what will create name recognition.


  • Builds your tribe so you can develop a trusting relationship.
  • Showcases your expertise to new followers.
  • It lets people know that you are serious about your business and therefore leads them to take you seriously.

This will lead to you becoming a trusted resource for your audience.

A lack in consistency leaves doubt in the minds of your ideal customers. When your ideal clients begin to doubt your brand’s congeniality, you will have to rebuild that trust again to prove they they should continue doing business with you. It’s not impossible to earn their trust again, but you’re starting from square one again. Working your business consistently and focusing on superb content and excellent customer service will help to keep your clients happy and trusting in you.

Have you ever had this occur: You opt-in to an email list that has great potential. You receive a few weekly emails and then nothing. Crickets. Then a month or two later, you receive an email from that person again, making an offer to purchase their product. How does that lack of consistency make you feel? I’m guessing your first reaction would be, “Who the heck is this person?” Lack of consistency will cause you to forget who they are and why you signed up for their list in the first place. Lack of name recognition generally leads to, “I don’t know who you are, so why would I give you my money?” Again, this business owner just made it a more challenging task to win you over.

Of course, this is why I am in the business that I am in, Email Marketing and Pinterest Management. When my client emails are consistently going out weekly, the more people begin opening them, reading them, and getting to know the brand, the more they begin to be inclined to take action and click on a service or product.

Consistency with your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the easiest ways to build your brand and is a cost-effective way to do so. But it would be best if you remained consistent. No one wants to keep starting over at square one over and over again.
Once your subscribers receive your Welcome Email Series, that should not be the last time your subscribers receive consistent emails from you. You do not want to send emails every day, especially if your audience doesn’t need daily updates. For example, if your subscribers are busy moms who love reading your Organic DIY Baby Food blog. Chances are they are too busy for that kind of commitment of a daily email. But emailing them a recipe and link to your new blog post is excellent once a week.

This is exactly what I do here at Sonay and Co. for my email clients. I email their subscribers once a week. I provide them with informational content, commentary, and always an actionable click-to-action. Preventing busy entrepreneurs from needing to start over again or neglecting their list. By consistently sending weekly emails, I assist my clients with building brand awareness, trust, and I help nurture their tribe. This all leads to their ideal client seeing them as a trusted resource.


Consistency with Your Brand Image

There are a ton of messages out there with the best strategy to build a 6 figure business. Still, if you tried implementing every single different strategy, you will be exhausted from keeping up with it all. And honestly, your audience would be baffled about your overall message.
When it comes to branding, consistency, and repetition will help develop name recognition. If you always wear clothes that match your website’s colors, people will make the connection. If your brand’s main color is red, do not change it to navy blue; your followers will not recognize you! Be consistent with your brand image, colors, and message, both online and offline, for you to be consistently recognized.

Whether you are building brand awareness on social media, your website, or email marketing, remember the key to your success will always be consistency. You must show up and show out often to make your brand a household name. If you are ready to build a consistent weekly newsletter and stop neglecting your subscribers, then get started with me today.



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